Six Golden Rules of Politeness


If parents ignore rudeness around their kids, they’re sending a message that it’s all right to be bratty. You could be the one responsible for your child’s rude behavior. It’s time to evaluate yourself as a parent and take positive steps towards disciplining him before it’s too late.

Six Golden Rules of Politeness:

Discipline your child is one of the ways of achieving desirable behavior, but remember that it’s not a substitute for time, understanding and dialogue.

Never Hit:

Hitting a child only shows them that force is an acceptable way of getting one’s way. Research shows a direct relationship between corporal punishment in childhood and aggressive behavior in teens and adults.

Don’t Yell:

Shouting shows your child that you have lost control. It also makes them feel intimidated and angry. Eventually, your child will learn to tune you out.

Time Outs:

Putting a child in a safe, but boring room to calm down for a short period of time is considered by doctors a very effective discipline tool for kids under six years. Generally, one minute per year of age is considered effective, so a five-year-old will get a five minutes time out. Timeouts teach kids to control their temper.

Follow through

Depriving kids of treats, Tv time, and grounding are all effective disciplining methods. Tell your child what you expect and then stick with it. By relenting halfway, you send the message that he can push the limits and get away with it.

Keep Anger Out:

It’s better to go away and calm down rather than say or do things that you regret later.


If you have shouted, said things in anger or smacked your child, don’t be afraid to apologize. It will teach your child that we are all human and it’s all right to make mistakes and to say sorry.

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