What is Meant By Smart Pedal And How Does it Work in The Elite i20

Elite i20 smart pedal function

How you ever wonder what happens if someone applies brake and accelerator together, Is there any problem if you applied both together, Is there any mechanism to resolve this situation, well then Hyundai introduced new concepts call Smart Pedal, by which it discord accelerator effect and consider the break and its an important safety function introduced by Hyundai. So if you apply the brake and accelerator pedals together, the system (ECU) ignores accelerator and applies the brakes only. Actually, the Smart pedal system overrides the accelerator to apply brake for better control of your car. Please note that basically, in the real world nobody applies breaks and acceleration simultaneously as both are controlled by same lags. This system is designed to prevent any accidental situation and mistakes (human error) that might occurs very rarely.

You could find this setting in all the variants of Hyundai Elite i20. That means in Era, Magna, Sportz, Sportz (O), Asta and Asta(O).

Elite i20 smart pedal function:

You may wonder how it might occur, We all use right leg for accelerator or break. We might apply either of them at a time. So what is the point of this features?  As I told it might occur very rarely, especially during an emergency situation like accelerator has been applied by some other heavy objects like carpets or water bottle or something. You could find a simmilar situation in films, for example, final destination 3 accident scene. There you could see the policeman is failed to apply brak because of a water bottle. In the movie speed, you could see a person is putting some heavy object or some stick to run the bus at a constant speed. Just like some situation we might need this Elite i20 smart pedal function.

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