How to add interstitial ad on in Android Application


In this post, we are going to learn how you could add interstitial ad on in Android Application. Banner ad covers only a small portion of our application. But the interstitial ad cover entire area of the application. So I would like to inform you that, you have o be careful while placing an interstitial ad on your Android Application. I don’t recommend placing so many interstitial ads in your application, as it negatively affects user experience. This might also result to uninstall your application. So be careful with the number of ads. The main advantage is, this kind of ads will give more revenue than banner ads. The first and most important part is you need to create a new ad unit.  As it is a lengthy process I would like to suggest a video, where you could watch real configuration steps.

Admob is a great place through which we can show an ad on our android application and earn some money. Integrating AdMob ads with the android application is very easy, just follow few steps as shown in this video. You need few lines of code to configure this ad, and you could download this code from AdMob websites. After downloading this code just follow the steps as given in the video. YouTube video on below link.

Add Interstitial ad on android studio

You could also download this code from below links as well. To download configuration code of interstitial ad. First, you need to integrate the mobile ads SDK into an app. After that, you could choose any ad format and get a detailed set of steps for implementing it.


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