Best Nike Walking Shoes

Actually there in no Nike walking shoes model are available, instead you could use a light weight running shoes for walking.  So you may have question like “can I use running shoes for walking?” Don’t worry we will address this question. In this post, I will list seven most comfortable walking shoes that you could use for standing long hours.

All of them are very light and they provides adequate cushioning. They have enough cushioning and you could use for longer walks too. If you are planning to walk at least three miles every day you could try any one of the listed item. 

These shoes are designed mainly for walking. If there are multiple model out there, it will be very difficult to choose one. As you know there are hundreds of running shoes are available, but I’m going to list some of the best, All of them are Nike.It does't mean that you can't find any other brand. 

Here's the list of 7 Best Nike Walking Shoes




Nick Men's shoes

NIKE Men's Air Max Invigor Print Running Shoes

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    shoe quality is great
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    One of the best shoe.

Nike Men's Air Max Torch 4 Running Shoe

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    You will loves the fit and style.
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    You could wears them all day.

Nike Mens Shox NZ EU Running Shoes

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    Has extra layer of plush cushioning.
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    Great shoe, has good support 
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    It looks good, very comfortable one.

NIKE Men's Revolution 4 Running Shoe

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    Perfect, Good fit and very comfortable one.

NIKE Men's Air Monarch IV (4e) Cross Trainer

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    Leather upper features overlays.

NIKE Air Max Torch 3 Men's Running Shoes

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    Men's shoes, Made in Vietnam, Air Max Full Ride

Most Comfortable Nick Shoes For Standing All Day

In some industry you might need to stand for long time and some job require to seat for huge amount of time. For example if you are a taxi driver you might need to seat for 10 to 14 hours every day. Just like if you are sales man or security officer you might need to  spend a huge amount of time being spent standing.

Some job require to move around while some job you need to just stand. You could read more about the list of Men comfortable nick shoes for standing all day and women nick shoes for standing all day. 

Difference Between Walking And Running Shoes

Even though it look like entirely different, still we could use some of  the running shoes for walking. But what is the difference? Actually it is all about impact spot. If you are running, it impact the ground more compare to amount of impact while you were walking.

Normally runners land on their heel, while Walkers land on their heel and the weight then rolls through the ball to the toe. That is why, while walking it allows your feet to absorb approx. 1.5 times or half  your body weight compare to running. 

Can I Use Running Shoes For Walking

In short we could say yes. You could use a running shoes for walking also. But not all. There are running shoes we could use for walking and there are we could not. There are many running shoes that are designed only for running. But all the above listed shoes you could use for walking. If you are really want to look for any running shoes please read our list of best Nike running shoe for men and women.