Best Car Under Six Lakhs In India 2018

Car under six lakhs

Hello friends, welcome our new post. In this post, I’m going to share features and price range of some of the best cars. All of them are under six lakhs. I wish to call this post as “cars under 6 lakhs in Bangalore” because all these cars are available in Bangalore and their price starts from three lakhs to six lakhs.

Hyundai Elite i20:

One of the best car you could buy under six lakhs. Please make a note that, the price range of this car is 5.35 lakh to 9.10 lakh. This car is mainly designed for the European market and compare to other models of Hyundai, this one is bit costlier. This car fulfills all the standard required for a European automobile market.

  • Pros: The features of this car include nice interiors space and very comfortable seats. It has great looks with a nice audio system and it is very easy to drive. It has a very good seating position, just like other cars we could adjust its seat, apart from that we could adjust its staring.

Hyundai Elite i20 Variants:

There are six variants are there for Elite i20. We will check main features of each variant.

  1. Era.
  2. Magna executive.
  3. Sportz.
  4. Sportz (O).
  5. Asta.
  6. Asta(O).

Hyundai Elite i20 Era Features & Price:

This is the cheapest modal in Elite i20. The price starts at 5,29,000 (Ex Show Room price). Road  Tax and other expenses will be around 1.2 lakhs. So elite i20 era, Bangalore on road price will be around 6.5 lakhs. This price might change according to offers and other discounts.

Let’s check main features of Elite I-20 Era.

  • There is no safety airbag for passenger and for a driver. But there is central locking system for door & tailgate.
  • There is no rearview camera and front fog lamps.
  • It has a dual horn.

It is a petrol vehicle with mileage around 18 kmpl (According to company) and it has a 1197 CC engine. About the dimension, it has 3985 X 1734  X 1505 ( length, width and height respectively). All these measures are in mm. Number of doors and seating capacity are  4 + 1. It has a front disc brake and rear drum brake. Fuel tank capacity is forty-five litters. It has a electric power steering, but we can’t adjust that.

Hyundai Elite i20 Magna Features & Price:

The price starts at 5,99,000 (Ex Show Room price). Road  Tax and other expenses will be around 1.36 lakhs. So on road price of Elite i20 Magna in Bangalore will be around 7.35 lakhs. This price might change according to offers and other discounts.

  • Just like Era there is no safety airbag for a driver as well as for passenger, and there is central locking system for door & tailgate, there is no rearview camera and front fog lamps, it has a dual horn.
  • Compare to Era, it has both outside door mirrors and door handles.

Mahindra KUV100:

Our second modal is from Mahindra and its price starts at 4.2 lakh and ends at 6.76 lakh. This is one of the best automobiles models available under six lakhs in Bangalore.

Tata Tiago xe:

Exiting design, best mileage, and new interior space, that what we could say about Tiago xe. This is really a great model from Tata, which is almost equal to Maruthi.

Hyundai Grand i10:

This car is from Hyundai and it has a very good design and lots of new features.

maruti swift ldi:



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